When you are training, you often focus upon specific areas of the body, such as chest or quads, but you often don't pay attention to the areas of your body which support these muscles. 

One of the most significant parts of the body to weightlifters is the wrist, and if you don't pay attention to it you could run the risk of damaging your wrists and forearms.

If you are having problems with your wrist mobility, then you need a physio in Newcastle who can help you to improve your range, which is why Edgeworth Physiotherapy can be your best bet in improving wrist strength and range of motion.

Wrist mobility affects your strength

A lack of mobility in the wrist has also been shown to affect your ability to strengthen deltoids and triceps, as well as affecting the range of motion in the elbow and shoulder joints.

The most significant source of injury is in the front rack position, where you may experience discomfort as you work on your barbells. Heavy wrist straps and support can help you, but physiotherapy will also be beneficial.

How wrist mobility affects daily life

It is not only bodybuilders who are affected by problems with wrist movement. In fact, modern working life can mean that your wrists stiffen up as you spend more time at your desk or on your mobile phone.

The chances are that you can experience wrist pain when you perform simple tasks such as opening jars, constructing furniture or even steering your car. An appointment with Edgeworth Physiotherapy can help you to resolve stiffness in the wrist.

During problems with wrist mobility

Whether you are working at a keyboard, reading a book or holding a coffee mug, wrist mobility needs to be as extensive as possible.

When you come to the team at Edgeworth Physiotherapy, you will be shown how to perform exercises which are designed to increase the flexibility of your wrist. For example, one popular exercise is the controlled articular rotation, which we can teach you how to perform.

Ease wrist pain and weakness today

If you are suffering from wrist pain or weakness, you will need to talk to an expert physio near your Newcastle home in order to get the best results.

You can address your issues quickly by starting a conversation with Edgeworth Physiotherapy today using our online form, or call 02-4950-6200 now to start hands-on treatment.