How To Help Care For Your Body While Working From Home

When you’re in isolation and are working from home, you face some challenges your body doesn’t usually face when you work from the office. While it’s important to stay home right now to prevent the spread of illnesses, particularly COVID-19, you still need to ensure that you’re taking care of your body properly. Physiotherapy in Newcastle is an ideal way to do this and the experts here at Edgeworth Physiotherapy can help.

Lack of Physical Activity

One of the biggest challenges your body faces during a quarantine is that you don’t have as many opportunities to get active. Not only can being sedentary lead to weight gain, but it also impacts your overall health and can play a role in poor mental wellness too. In fact, just a couple of weeks of inactivity can have detrimental effects on your muscle mass and heart health.

It can also interfere with healthy insulin and cholesterol levels, not to mention that inactivity also increases the risk of depression and other mental health problems. Fortunately, being stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t stay active on a regular basis.

At-Home Exercises

You might not be able to hit the gym a few times a week, but you can still get in a good workout at home. If you are a runner, try running in your neighbourhood or in a nearby park. Walking is also a great option. You can do strength training at home with free weights or have a living room yoga session in the mornings.

You can also take online exercise classes or use online videos and tutorials to create your own at-home workout. In addition to your healthy workout routine, be sure you are eating healthy foods and are limiting your snacking habit.

Your Mental Health

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Staying active promotes healthy mental well-being by regulating your hormone output and making you feel good about yourself. Lack of physical activity is linked to higher rates of depression, anxiety, sadness, irritation and frustration so making it a habit is important for your body and your mind. When the world goes back to normal, you’ll be healthy and ready to get back to it.

Need more advice about the benefits of physiotherapy in Newcastle? Edgeworth Physiotherapy is here for you now and when we are able to see patients again, we’d love to help you book an appointment so call today.

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