Tens Machine

Tens machines treat musculoskeletal disorders by supplying an electronic current, which works to block pain signals and stimulate the body to provide pain relief. It can be attached to specific areas of the body to provide treatment for a range of conditions. At Edgeworth Physiotherapy we supply a wide range of top-quality tens machines to assist with pain management.

Foam Rollers

Foam rollers come in various shapes and sizes and are used for soft tissue flexibility, balance, coordination, and muscle and joint rehabilitation. Visit our clinic to purchase one of our extensive selection of rollers today!

Massage Sticks

Designed to relieve muscle pain and soreness through massage, the massage stick comes in a range of materials and dimensions, for all types of requirements. We have massage sticks of all sizes at our Edgeworth Physiotherapy clinics.

Sports Tape

There are many different types of sports tapes on the market that have been developed to provide therapeutic support and stabilise joints for more effective and pain-free motion. Our physiotherapy clinic stocks a complete range of sports tapes from kinesiology, through to rigid strapping and elastic adhesive bandages.


Orthotics are designed to provide cushioning and support, and can be customised to a wide range of specifications. We supply a complete selection of orthotics, and can assess your individual needs and provide the right orthotics to suit.

Heat Packs & Pads

There are heat packs and pads designed to provide pain relief and reduce inflammation for a broad scope of musculoskeletal concerns and conditions. At Edgeworth Physiotherapy we stock a wide selection of heat, cold and ice packs and patches.


Braces provide musculoskeletal stability and support for rehabilitation, to assist with pain relief, alleviate injuries, as well as minimise aggravation to pre-existing injuries or conditions. Our helpful team can advise you on the right brace for your specific musculoskeletal condition.


Developed in a wide range of materials such as fibreglass and plaster, casts are an effective non-surgical treatment used to immobilise skeletal fractures, allowing them to heal more efficiently. At Edgeworth Physiotherapy, we custom-fit casts to your individual requirements.


Splints assist with reducing movement of injured tissues and joints. They allow more mobility than casting for injuries that still require some range of motion for optimal healing. We offer both ready-made and custom-made casts for musculoskeletal conditions.

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